Table Tops of Choice

The decision is yours to choose a top that best meets your needs and budget.

High pressure laminates in .75", 1.0" or 1.25" thickness; our Value tops have an edge banding finish, and our Premium series of tops are finished with an ultra durable, spray on, Lotz Armor Edge. All laminate tops are available in an almost endless array of colors and texture.

Or choose our Performance tops, a wood core covered in multiple layers of reinforced resin and a color Gelcoat finish. Performance desk and table tops are a chemical resistant completely sealed surface, thereby eliminating the need for any additional edge finish. The underside of all our tops are finished in a manner to prevent moisture penetration and ensure structural strength.

Special applications are not a problem, Chemsurf treatment and chemical resistant core materials are available for the laboratory or shop and maple butcher block can be ordered for food preparation areas or gymnasiums.

Laminate Top Options


All laminate tops are made to order and available in all the sizes & shapes noted on this site. Other features to choose from are:

  • .75” HPL w/3mm PVC edge banding
  • 1" HPL w/ 3mm PVC edge banding
  • 1.25" HPL w/ 3mm PVC edge banding
  • 1.25" HPL w/ spray on armor edge finish
  • Chemical resistant laminates
  • Acid resistant solid core material
  • Wire grommet holes

Common Sizes & Approx. Weight

18x24 – 12 lbs

20x26 – 20 lbs

24x24 – 22 lbs

24x36 – 32 lbs

24x48 – 43 lbs

24x60 – 53 lbs

30x36 – 40 lbs

30x48 – 53 lbs

30x60 – 67 lbs

30x72 – 80 lbs

48 Round – 82 lbs

Maple Stool & Bench Tops

Models 1120 & 1150 are available with a solid maple seats, Both tops feature a beautiful clear finish.

Performance Top Options

Stocking Sizes & Specifications

18x24 – 15 lbs

18x28 (8 Sided) – 17 lbs

20x26 – 19 lbs

24x48* – 37 lbs

24x60 w/Grommet Holes -48 lbs

24x60* – 48 lbs

30x48 w/ Grommet Holes – 46 lbs

30x60 w/ Grommet Holes – 62 lbs

30x60* – 62 lbs

30x72* – 75 lbs

36x60 – 76 lbs

36x72* – 84 lbs

42x60* – 80 lbs

48 Round – 60 lbs

*These sizes are also stocked in Graphite Nebula

Disclaimer: Specific designs and features are subject to change without notice. All Specifications are correct within +/- .5"